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November 11, 2008



Awesome message on Sunday......

P.S. the "P.S" was funny too. :)

Allison Phillips

Thanks for clarifying that Tim. I know I "heard" that all the things I do to serve Grace Church, on days other than sunday, and the things I do to serve at my kids schools, and to serve my unsaved friends were null and void, if I'm not serving every Sunday morning at Grace.
Sometime with young kids, it's hard to fit everything in and yes, serving God is a priority in my life, but I serve God's kingdom at Grace and other places.
On a side note, I was talking to a friend sunday night, and at her church, they can't get people to come to worship on Sundays, they only want to come serve so they can check it off their to-do list. Amazing how people can be at both ends of the spectrum.


Great word everyone needs to hear.


I'm glad to know that some waters are being stirred up on the topic of serving! I consider the fact that the fact that the boat was rocked to be a good thing--we need that. Way to go, Tim. :)

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