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April 07, 2008



Tim,thanks for a new insightful way to journal God's Word. I do journal, but haven't used this format before. Here's what His Word spoke to me this a.m.
1 Corinthians 10:1-6
1. Historical-I believe God delivered the Israelites out of bondage and gave them protection and guidance.
2. Doctrinal-Christ offers himself to each individual providing spiritual nourishment.
3. Inspirational-It is my desire to live a life pleasing to Christ following Him in obedience.

Psalm 1 (Love it!! I read this Psalm Sunday a.m. in my quiet time.)
1. Historical-I believe these words to be true and our faith rests on God's word.
2. Doctrinal- I am created in the image of Christ and the more I fellowship with Him, the more I become like Him.
3. Inspirational- Growing in God's Word brings peace, contentment, and joy.


Thank you Tim,
With spiral notebook in hand, here is what I took from 1Cor 10:1-6.

Historical: Paul is referring to some of the events of the Exodus from Egypt.

Doctrinal: The cloud, the spiritual rock, drink and food is Jesus.

Inspirational: I pray that I keep my eyes and heart on the Lord and drink from his word daily.


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