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November 04, 2007


Heath Casey

Just say you CANNOT BE IMPARTIAL. That will pretty much keep you off the jury.

I have never been summoned. Please post about the experience (what you can). :)

Mike Hoskins

The only time I got on a jury, it was because I said I could not be impartial.

Both lawyers are involved in the jury pool and get to recommend and/or disqualify. One side will like you a lot, if it seems you will vote their way. Each side gets a few they like.

This was portrayed in Runaway Jury:

However, I hope more Christians do what they can to get on juries. I think we are not represented very well, these days. I think it's partly because we're trying to get out of it.

I've only been called once. Even though at the time, I tried to get out, yet had to serve, I learned a lot. In retrospect, I am glad that Christ was represented in our halls of justice. I'm glad that I did my civic duty. I'm glad to have represented the side of justice, as a Christian.

We are somewhat unique in that mere citizens help get to decide justice. I don't think that could be said in oppressive cultures nor for much of human history.

I wish they'd call me again, just not during vacation. :-)

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