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May 30, 2007



Just a picture of how I understand pre-modern, modern, and post-modern thought. If I have this wrong, please let me know. The example I learned I believe to be correct if I have the labels properly placed. Here we go: Pre-modern thought-An umpire behind the plate calls balls and strikes. If a pitch is in the strike-zone, it is a strike. Basically, God's laws apply evenly and universally and are objective. Modern thought-An umpire behind the plate who calls 'em as he sees 'em. His subjective observation interprets the laws. Basically, God's universal truth is discovered through scientific method. Post-modern thought-An umpire behind the plate observes pitches cross the plate, but they aren't balls or strikes until he calls it. Basically, universal truth is thrown out, there is no God, and truth is what I say it is (totally subjective). If the picture is accurate, it certainly can be helpful.



Great discussion. I've never heard that example but I'm chewing on it.

Check out this website which is another broad summary of the three systems of thought: http://www.postmodernpsychology.com/Philosophical_Systems/Overview.htm

Let me offer another version of your story.

PREMODERN == The umpire (God) calls balls and strikes.

MODERN == A precisely-engineered electronic system like a radar gun (human intellect & science) calls balls and strikes.

POSTMODERN == The players wonder if there is such a thing as a ball or a strike.

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