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February 19, 2007


little g

DUDE!!!! I heard the same noise when I was playing on a men’s soccer league in the summer of 05. I didn’t blow my ACL, I had a sever sprain of my ACL and MCL. The Popping was both over compensating for the torque on my knee (that is the doc's notes). I was out for 3 weeks (in a leg immobilizer) and was in phy therapy for 1 month and a half. Still wear a knee brace when I work my knee.....good news....I climbed a 14er just 13 months after in happened!!! I hope its not bad.....You will be missed on the 14er this year if you are on the injured reserve.....sorry about your pain bud....you have my prayers and sympathy.


Debbie Christensen

OH NO!!! My prayers are going out to you, for a speedy and full recovery. AND extra prayers are going out to Cathy; in my experience NOTHING is worse than a sick or injured man!!! :)


I'm looking forward to recovery down the line. The injury is making our home too "Dad-centric" for my tastes. :-)


I am cringing just reading that story. I've had a torn ligament (ankle) but never had a torn acl (looking for the nearest piece of wood to knock on). I'll be praying for you.


I wonder at what age does a pastor "put away childish things" and stop playing sports? Just a thought. :)

Get better fast!


Tim, sorry to hear about your knee!


Piggy-backing on Ben's comment. . .it is difficult to grow older, to lose a step or two, while our bodies just don't bend like they used to, and healing takes longer, too. It's just a natural part of aging as we approach (and pass, as in my case) 40. . . Does this mean Ben gets to inhabit the pulpit this Sunday? Jim, maybe? The love language of "bugging" aside, we're praying for healing, for Cathy and the kids, for quickly learned lessons (believing that most things are spiritual).


I'm feeling a lot of love and sympathy from you guys...not. :-)

I'm thankful Pastor Brian Gann took on Wednesday night tonight for me (thanks Brian). And I'm planning on "crutching" myself on stage on Sunday, Lord willing.

Also, I do sense that God is using this time in my soul for His glory. When I'm weak, He is strong.


Tim, sorry to hear about your knee. Steve and I will be praying for your speedy recovery. Enjoyed my first Foundations class tonight, led by Ben. Love your blog and love Grace Church. It really feels like family. All our best to Cathy. We enjoyed meeting her last week.

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